Next up in our online marketing series, we’re exploring the value of blogging when it comes to attracting customers to your franchise.

Chances are you’ve heard of blogging — short for web logging — before. But you may not see how blogging can help your franchise grow, especially if your idea of blogging is scribbling out a rambling digital diary. This isn’t the sort of blogging we advocate for your business — rather, at Franchise Marketing Group we help franchise owners and marketers develop and carry out a sound blogging strategy.

What does an effective blogging strategy entail? Here’s how blogging — when done right — can attract customers to your franchise.

Attracting Customers Through Business Blogging

Establishing Your Authority (While Targeting for Local Keywords)

Business blogging will be quite different from personal blogging. The goal is to establish your specific franchise as an authority in your industry by targeting specific questions or keywords regular people search for when they need information. For example, a car repair franchise could write a series of posts exploring how to know when a transmission can be fixed through repair vs. when replacement is necessary. To be most effective when blogging, don’t just target specific keyword phrases, but also include your locality so that searchers will actually have a potential interest in your services. After all, what good is it for a post to attract a visitor in New York when you’re based out of Arizona? Without local targeting, your bounce rate will increase, and your leads might not follow suit.

Franchise Marketing Group | How Can Blogging Attract Customers to My Franchise

A Personal Connection

Before your customers become loyal to your franchise, they’re effectively strangers, and your goal is to hold their interest and make them repeat visitors. A stiff, unrelatable voice won’t accomplish this. Your aim should be to craft an authoritative, but still engaging personality while blogging — one that retains the spirit of your overall franchise’s brand, but that doesn’t feel too commercial, impersonal, labored, or inaccessible. Depending on your industry, this may be a bit tricky, as you might need to use technical terms. If this is the case, be sure that you translate your jargon so that it’s accessible to a wider range of people. Strangers won’t transition to visitors if you drive them away blogging content they can’t understand.

A Place for Timely Content

Whereas your website can’t serve as a place to capitalize on current events, the latest industry developments, or relevant pop culture tidbits, blogging is the perfect opportunity to share this timely content. Producing fresh, relevant content throughout the year should be a top priority for your blogging activities — not only because when done effectively, blogging will drive traffic to your website, but also because it will encourage strangers to become repeat visitors once they see that you’re blogging regularly. Search engines love fresh, current content, and people do, too.

Don’t Oversell

It’s true, blogging exists to promote your franchise and increase traffic to your website — but that doesn’t mean your posts should center on relentless sales pitches. As we covered above, blogging should be used to provide a place for informative, engaging, timely content. Yes, your blogging efforts should relate to your industry and your services, but it shouldn’t read as a description of what you offer your customers — that sort of content belongs on a website. Posts should always close out with a link to your website plus contact information or a contact form so that readers can contact you if they are interested in learning more about the relevant products or services you offer.

A Comprehensive Online Marketing Campaign

Business blogging can work in tandem with the other elements of your online marketing campaign, including social media, video marketing content, and email marketing, to create a comprehensive, strategy-driven digital tour de force. Franchise Marketing Group can work with you to create a unified content strategy that produces measurable results, including an impressive blogging campaign. Don’t tackle your online marketing efforts alone — with blogging services from FMG, you’ll attract those strangers and transform them into visitors in no time! Call (971) 212-4026 or visit our office in Kansas City to develop your blogging strategy today!