Cycle of Online MarketingAs a franchise owner or franchise marketer, you may be weary when it comes to wading into the world of online marketing, and for good reason. Online marketing encompasses so many digital platforms whose algorithms are constantly evolving, leading to equally constant changes in strategy and best practices. When you already have a full-time job running a franchise and juggling traditional advertising avenues, tacking online marketing onto your already heaping to-do-list can seem like a daunting task.

At Franchise Marketing Group, we’re proud to provide franchises with tailored online marketing strategies that produce tangible results. Though our strategies are never cookie cutter, we do follow a pattern that franchise marketers might recognize: attract, convert, close, and delight.

In the next few months, we’ll explore each of these stages of online marketing in more depth to show how various aspects of online marketing work together to best transform your targeted customers from strangers to visitors to leads to customers to promoters. For now, here’s an overview on the process that guides our online marketing strategy.

The Value of Online Marketing for Franchises

Step One: Attract

In the first stages of online marketing, your target audience arrives as strangers — and it’s your goal to move them one step further to becoming visitors. You can accomplish this through a combination of online marketing strategies, like blogging to establish yourself as an authority on your industry, social media to create an organic connection with your followers, and strategic keyword targeting to help improve your website’s visibility or launch a successful paid search campaign for your franchise. When you effectively engage the strangers with these online marketing strategies, they transform into visitors.

Step Two: Convert

With your audience now visitors, your aim is to convert them to leads. In this stage of the online marketing cycle, you need to collect contact information for your sales people or marketing team to use. Do this by designing effective landing pages to direct your visitors to in your online marketing efforts. Each landing page should be specific to your separate campaigns (social, blogging, email marketing, etc.) so that you can best track conversions and take stock of what’s working. Your landing pages should include strong calls-to-action that help your visitors easily take the actions you want, including calling or emailing your franchise or filling out an online contact form. Once these calls-to-action are followed, your visitors become leads.

Step Three: Close

With your visitors now leads, the goal is to transform them to full-blown customers with your strategic online marketing! Use the contact information you collected in step two to conduct an email marketing campaign that blends timely, trusted content with sales pitches or specials. It’s key to engage in lead scoring and conversion tracking at this stage so that you can adjust your campaign as needed and best target your leads. The most interested parties should be “closed” on quickly, while more reluctant leads must be further pursued. Be sure to separately track conversions for each element of your online marketing campaign so that you can see how they’re succeeding individually.

Step Four: Delight

When your leads are officially customers, your work is not over. Now it’s your job to delight those customers, both with your products or services and with your online marketing. Continue interacting with your current customers on social media so that they don’t turn into one-timers. Your social media campaigns shouldn’t be all sales pitches, which can quickly turn followers off — your social content must still engage past buyers, too. Likewise, you shouldn’t just delete current customers from your email marketing contact lists once they bite — instead, migrate them to a “Current customers” list so you can continuously engage them with relevant, authoritative content sprinkled with specials or coupons. If you continue connecting with current customers, you best ensure that your name comes up first when they again need your products or services. Online marketing isn’t just about gaining customers — it’s also about retaining them so that they become your promoters who help you attract even more customers.

Dominate the Online Marketing Cycle With Franchise Marketing Group

If you want help navigating the online marketing cycle to ensure the success of your franchise, the seasoned online marketing experts at Franchise Marketing Group can provide the knowledge, dedication, and strategy you need to run an effective overall campaign. We live to see your franchise attract, convert, close, and delight — and we’ll do all we can to facilitate your success with our comprehensive online marketing services.

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