When it comes to email marketing strategy, franchises sometimes face more challenges than unaffiliated small businesses. Franchise owners and marketers have to be mindful of maintaining the overall brand of their parent company when creating and implementing their email marketing strategy, not to mention following all the associated rules and restrictions imposed by the franchise.

Still, it’s possible for franchises to develop a sound email marketing strategy that fits with their overall franchise model’s marketing plan. Follow these tips for successful franchise email marketing strategy.

Email Marketing Strategy for Franchises

Put Content First

Many franchises center their email marketing strategy around pushing coupons and specials on their subscribers. This might drive some revenue initially, but you’ll soon find that your customer base will be interested in discounts only — and they’ll quickly jump ship when you move away from sharing specials. The other problem with a coupon-centered email marketing strategy? Your customers might get tired of fielding your sales pitches every week. They want to feel engaged by your content, not viewed as potential money-makers.

In a good email marketing strategy, you build a loyal following that is engaged with your franchise because of its brand, not its offers, and you do this by striking the right balance between relevant, interesting content and awesome coupons. Subscribers are more likely to share and retain the information you share in your emails if it’s good content. Think about the real questions you’re asked by customers. Share behind the scenes information. Give industry tips. Great content is key in any effective email marketing strategy.

Divide and Conquer

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When making face-to-face sales, you wouldn’t lump unlike customers together — you adjust and personalize your pitch based on the person you’re dealing with. You should do the same when it comes to your email marketing strategy. Why group all your subscribers on to one massive list? Instead, divide contacts into multiple lists specifically geared toward the products or services those subscribers are interested in. When you collect emails, ask your subscribers to opt-in to different categories, then create unique content for each list. It may take more time, but if you implement this email marketing strategy, you’ll see definite results.

Striking Subject Lines

It might seem silly, but the subject line is often the most important element in an email campaign — yet it’s an overlooked part of email marketing strategy. A good subject line can be the difference between an open and a “spam” flag. There’s no set rules for writing a great subject line, and it might take a little trial and error on your part to see how your subscribers respond to your subjects. You can try short and sweet eye-catching subjects like “You won’t believe it!” or benefit-driven subjects like “Get the results you need, fast.” You can pose a question (“Want to simplify your life in less than 5 minutes?”) or offer a discount (“Satisfy your craving and get 30% this week!”).

Timing is Key in Email Marketing Strategy

Any email marketing strategy must set forth a schedule for deploying campaigns. Inboxes are crowded in the daylight hours. According to market research, evening is the best time to send your emails — doing so boosts open rates, clickthrough rates, and sales. Weekends are also a great time to launch campaigns. Of course, as with any other element of your email marketing strategy, your subscribers’ behavior should dictate when you send out your campaigns. Test what time is optimal by scheduling several emails at different times, then analyze and adjust as needed.

Listen and Adjust

Your email marketing strategy must include time to examine and alter your campaign as needed based on your customers’ behaviors and opinions. If something isn’t working, look at your analytics and identify what changes to try. Analyze how various subject lines and send times affect your bounce rate, open rate, and clickthroughs. Take in feedback from your customers by offering them a coupon to answer a few questions — “What would you like to get out of emails from our franchise?” “What’s your favorite part about our franchise emails?” No email marketing strategy is infallible. You need to take in your results and make necessary revisions.

Want More Help With Franchise Email Marketing Strategy?

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