So you’ve had a custom website built for your franchise. You’ve done everything by the book — designed an intuitive menu structure; created original, optimized website content to target strategic keywords; included meta data on every page; and added a sitemap to aid search engine crawlers. But still, you’re not seeing real results.

Sometimes, an aesthetically-pleasing, navigable website — even one that’s optimized to a T — needs continuous website optimization before it leads to more exposure or conversions.

Continuous website optimization may seem like a lot of work, especially when you have other aspects of franchise management to consider. But continuous website optimization is necessary in many ways.

Why You Need Continuous Website Optimization

Search Engines Favor Fresh ContentContinuous Website Optimization | Franchise Marketing Group

Even if you have the best content, search engine algorithms actually favor “fresh” content created in continuous website optimization — meaning a page that is newly created can rank over an established page with similar (or better) content. Continuous website optimization will counteract the natural decay in freshness that your website suffers from over time. Whether you make smaller changes, like updating the body of one page every week, or larger ones, like adding new content to your franchise website every day, continuous website optimization will lead to fresher content and a better search engine presence.

Evolving Algorithms Necessitate Continuous Website Optimization

As people change the way they search, search engines try to stay up-to-date to facilitate the best user experience, leading to daily tweaks to search engine algorithms — and in some cases, entire overhauls. Your franchise website needs continuous website optimization to keep up with algorithm changes. Staying educated on the algorithms and making adjustments accordingly is common sense — if you are not willing to make changes and complete continuous website optimization, your franchise website will be left in the dust.

Changes in Your Services, Products, or Industry

As your business evolves, your franchise website must evolve with it through continuous website optimization. If you start offering new services or products to stay competitive within your industry, your website must reflect this. Thus, you’ll use continuous website optimization as you create new pages and target new primary and secondary keywords relevant to your page content. And as your industry evolves and more competitors emerge offering the same services, you’ll need continuous website optimization to stay fresh and relevant.

New Competitive Keywords Emerge as People Search

As with any aspect of a marketing campaign, your online strategies must be monitored and adjusted as needed. This means you’ll need to keep tabs on the keywords you’ve optimized for to know which pages are suited for continuous website optimization. New, more popular, and more targetable keywords will emerge as people search, and you can target them with continuous website optimization. To maximize your keyword performance, continuous website optimization is a must. This not only includes adjusting keywords on existing pages, but adding new pages to target new high-traffic keyword phrases — which will also help boost your franchise website’s freshness score.

No Time for Continuous Website Optimization? We’ve got it.

Continuous website optimization is a labor-intensive, time-consuming, but rewarding task. If you see why continuous website optimization is a must for your franchise, but you just don’t have the time to do it yourself, Franchise Marketing Group can do it for you.

We’re search engine marketing gurus, meaning we keep up-to-date with all search engine algorithm updates and adjust our strategies accordingly in continuous website optimization. We’ll work closely with your franchise to understand your current website, your brand, and your industry, then develop a continuous website optimization strategy with both short-term goals and long-term growth in mind so that we can compete for high-traffic keywords.

Using extensive keyword and market research, we’ll complete strategic continuous website optimization on your existing pages, plus target all new high-traffic primary and relevant secondary keywords for all new content. Our talented content writers are behind continuous website optimization, meaning your franchise website will sound natural and engaging, not inauthentic and stuffed to the gills with keywords. We’re creative with our keywords — targeting high-traffic and lower competition phrases to drive both broad and niche consumers to your franchise, and always identifying new keyword avenues — but we also make sure that all targeted keywords, whether primary, secondary, or supporting, make sense on the page during continuous website optimization. And as always, our strategies are as flexible as necessary: we’ll be monitoring and analyzing results before suggesting adjustments to our continuous website optimization strategy — all with your ROI and bottom line in mind.

Ready to drive traffic to your franchise website with continuous website optimization? Start your continuous website optimization today! Call Franchise Marketing Group at (971) 212-4026 to learn more about our services or visit our office in Kansas City.