As a franchise owner, you may know that establishing a social media presence is a critical part of growing and maintaining your customer base, and that Facebook is the unofficial ruler of the social media scene.

At Franchise Marketing Group, we often field questions from businesses relating to social media. One comes up frequently: “I’m on Facebook. I got 100 more likes in the past three months. So why am I not getting more customers?”

The answer lies in the way that you use Facebook to market your franchise. It’s not enough to write three times a day–for your social media efforts to be effective, you have to write engaging Facebook posts.

Sound easier read than done? Check out our 10 tips on how to write engaging Facebook posts for the franchise marketer.

10 Tips for Writing Engaging Facebook Posts

1. Involve your audience

No one likes a one-sided conversation. Your followers will only interact with your page (think comments, likes, and shares) if you write engaging Facebook posts that invite them in somehow. If you’re a deli, try polling your followers on their favorite sandwich toppings, hosting a contest to win a free lunch, or asking your audience to get nostalgic and recall a childhood memory involving their favorite soup.

2. Pick the right voice

On social media, especially Facebook, a stuffy voice will stick out and prevent you from really connecting with the consumer, which is the whole point! You want to be professional, but don’t let a false veneer scare your customers away. Most engaging Facebook posts involve a little playfulness.

3. Bring in relevant outside content

Writing engaging Facebook posts is all about forming a genuine relationship with your consumer and sneaking in a few sales pitches here and there. So treat your followers like you would a friend–share news stories that are relevant to both of you, pass along funny memes or pieces of pop culture, and tell them about public events they might want to attend. Engaging Facebook posts should entertain your consumer, but still steer their mind toward your franchise, so be sure that all outside content is relevant to your industry. If you’re a fitness center, post articles about the latest developments in diet research, for example, or an interview with a celebrity detailing their post-baby workout routine.

4. Add some imagesHow to Write Engaging Facebook Posts | Franchise Marketing Group

Data from Kissmetrics shows that including a photo makes more engaging Facebook posts. Posts with pictures garner 104% more comments, 84% more link click-throughs, and 53% more likes than text posts. You can encourage specific engagement by asking your fans questions about the photos or having them caption it. It all goes back to the #1 way to write engaging Facebook posts–involving your audience!

5. Respond to comments

You should treat your franchise Facebook as a real-life dialogue. You wouldn’t start a face-to-face conversation and walk away from it right after it began. To write engaging Facebook posts, treat your followers like they’re actual people whose insight matters to you rather than faceless followers boosting your digital standing. When you ask a question, go back and read over their responses and “Like” the ones that stand out. Follow up to their comments. Remember that Facebook is a space where your customers may come to complain about your franchise. Respond to their queries and negative feedback promptly and in a friendly tone–apologize and ask how you can make things better.

6. Give behind-the-scenes insights

Your followers don’t come to your Facebook page to see information that they already know. To write engaging Facebook posts, you should share behind-the-scenes insights on your franchise that fans aren’t normally privy to. Are you rolling out a new product soon? Share some pictures of it in production to tease its release. Are you a restaurant franchise? Tell your customers about where you source your ingredients. Make your followers feel in-the-know and they’ll keep coming back for more.

7. Spotlight your customers

To craft engaging Facebook posts, you have to involve the customers in ways other than just encouraging them to comment, like, and share. You should also occasionally highlight your franchise’s customer base. Have a “Customer of the Month” feature on your franchise blog and share a few snippets on your Facebook to drive followers that way. Ask customers to share photos of them at your franchise; encourage entries with a gift card. Involving the customers directly will easily result in more engaging Facebook posts.

Social media network connection concept with social icons pattern background

8. Vary your content

Your Facebook timeline isn’t a stationary billboard made to broadcast the same message over and over. For truly engaging Facebook posts, you must change up the type of content you share. Don’t post a stream of behind-the-scenes news–space them out and intersperse with customer stories, relevant local news, and pop culture posts. Switching things up will keep your followers coming back frequently to see what you’re sharing that day.

9. Prevent information overload

Don’t overwhelm your followers with text. Engaging Facebook posts are short and to the point. If you find yourself typing out a paragraph rather than 2-3 sentences, consider expanding your content and placing it on your franchise blog, then using Facebook to promote your external post. Otherwise, your fans’ eyes will glaze over.

10. Don’t overdo coupons, sales pitches, etc. and when you have to, make ‘em timely

Again, Facebook is all about forming an authentic, personable relationship with your customer base. If you bombard your followers with sales information, you make them feel that all you want from them is their money. Nobody wants to feel used like that! Sure, we all love a good coupon and sales reminder from time to time. Just be sure to frame them in a way that puts the customer first, and make them timely so that they feel more natural. For example, if there’s a big game approaching for the home team, post your coupons like so:

  • If you’re a restaurant franchise: “We’re offering you ½ off appetizers during the big game! Grab your friends and come in to take advantage of this deal.”

  • If you’re a grocery chain: “We’re watching the game on Sunday. Are you? Here are some deals to make your tailgate delicious!”

  • If you’re a fitness center: “Right now the home team is training for their Sunday showdown. Come in Tuesday-Sunday this week and get 25% off your first month’s membership.”

See how these are more engaging Facebook posts than the traditional coupon link?

Need help with writing engaging Facebook posts? We’ve got ya covered

If you’re still a little lost when it comes to crafting engaging Facebook posts, Franchise Marketing Group is a great solution. We have experience with social media marketing strategy and with carrying out social media campaigns for national franchises. Whether you’re a B2B or B2C franchise, we have the social media expertise that’s right for you. Contact Franchise Marketing Group at (971) 212-4026 or visit our office in Kansas City to learn more about how our social media services can help your franchise grow.