Instinct, innovation, and business savvy will only get you so far in creating a successful business. In today’s world, the entrepreneur must also be up to speed with the practical tools and technologies needed for their busy day to day requirements. So what should an entrepreneur never leave home or the office without? Take a look at these items which made our top 10 entrepreneur tips list.

1. Taking Notes
The very first of our entrepreneur tips is really something that is a requirement for anyone. You need to be able to take notes when meeting with colleagues, clients, and potential new clients. It’s also a must have for jotting down your next greatest strategy or innovation. How you do it is entirely up to you. If you’re old school, you can go with the traditional pen and paper. Personally, I prefer using the iPad mini for all of my note taking.

2. Business Cards
You’re an entrepreneur. You own a business, right? So, why don’t you have a small stock of business cards on you at all times? You need to be keeping these in your briefcase, satchel, purse, wallet, and the glove box of your car. It doesn’t matter if you’re on the way to a meeting or heading to grab some fast food on the weekend. Carry business cards on you at all times, because you never know when an opportunity will pop up in front of you.

3. Computing Power
Last time we checked, this was the 21st century. If you’re not carrying some form of mobile computing, then you need to rethink that strategy immediately. You can go light with a single device or you can pack around a both a laptop and tablet. They don’t weight much and can be a lifesaver for any of your entrepreneur activities.

4. Smartphone
This one is a given. You probably already have a smartphone, as most people do. However, if for some reason, you do not have a phone that enables you to take notes, set reminders, check your email, post to your social media, make changes to your calendar, capture video and images, accept credit card transactions, make an entire keynote presentation .. oh yeah and make phone calls .. it’s time for anentrepreneur upgrade.

5. Chargers
You will never find me without a way to charge my laptop, tablet, or smartphone. As an entrepreneur, the last thing you want is to be out and about only to realize your battery is almost dead.

10 Entrepreneur

6. Headphones
I have to admit that one of my most essential entrepreneur tools is a pair of ear-buds  There’s a lot of times where I need to catch up on things, watch a webinar or just relax with some iTunes. Headphones are a necessity.

7. Voice Recorder
I will often have ideas hit me in the car, which I don’t want to forget. I’m not a big fan of texting and driving, so having a way to record my thoughts on the go is vital. Some people prefer to carry a dedicated digital recorder for this purpose, but I tend to rely more on my smartphone and tablet for audio note taking. Either method will work just as good for an entrepreneur.

8. Software & Backups
It doesn’t matter what your entrepreneur activities are, if you need access to data when you’re out of the office, it’s wise to have backups ready in case of an emergency. You might be about to give a presentation and realize you need to re-install your software for some reason; or you could need to retrieve some information from a database. Be prepared for emergencies. At any given time, I have access to data and software via portable hard drives and USB sticks in my bag, as well as having access to information on the cloud.

9. News & Educational Materials
As an entrepreneur, you should be constantly learning about the world and industry around you. Keep a book or trade magazine in your satchel for when you have a few extra minutes to read. I’m a big fan of mobile apps such as Flipboard, Pocket, iBooks, and Google Currents. These help me stay ahead of the game and keep me from getting bored when I’m waiting around.

10. Get a Game Plan
Never leave home or the office without having a game plan for your entrepreneur goals. Where are you going? What are you doing? Who are you meeting? Who would you like to meet? What goals will you accomplish? How long do you have to get from point A to Point B? If you’re sitting in your car thinking, “hmmm what should I do next?”, you’re just going to end up eating fast food and shopping for a new coffee mug that says “Worlds Greatest Boss”. Develop a game plan and stick to it.

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