If your franchise has invested in creating quality content, then you’ve made an important step and in many cases may have a leg up on your competition. Blogs, whitepapers, case studies, videos — all of this content can be invaluable for establishing your franchise as a trusted industry expert, driving national and local growth.

This is only true if you take the correct steps in content promotion, though. The best-written piece of content won’t do a thing for your franchise if no one ever sees it.

Since we know a thing or two about producing and promoting digital content for franchises, we’re passing along three of our most effective strategies for content promotion.

Proven Promotion Techniques for Your Franchise’s Content

1. Social Media Platforms

Your social media platforms should be an integral part of your franchise’s content promotion strategy. These platforms are where your current fans live (meaning they’ll share and engage with your content). They’re also where prospective clients go to do recon on your franchise. According to research:


of consumer purchases are influenced by social media


of consumers use social media posts for purchase research


of first-time purchases are influenced by social media

Clearly, social media can be a fertile ground for promoting your brand-building content. On a national scale, sharing your well-researched blogs will help establish you as a trusted industry authority. On a local scale, it can show your community consumers that they have an expert in their backyard.

Since your prospects are probably already scoping out your franchise on social media, it makes sense to use platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram — among others — as part of your content promotion plan. Just be sure that you consider a few key factors when laying out your strategy:


Promote yourself on the right platforms.

Depending on your target market and industry, you’ll want to utilize different platforms that best reach your consumers. Go where your customers spend the most time — and where they’re conducting product research.

Use paid social advertising to increase your reach.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram all offer paid options in which you can target consumers based on different demographics. With organic reach on all platforms fading away, the paid option is more and more necessary.

Optimize your content for each channel.

Each social media platform has different best practices that you should follow when promoting your content. Make sure you’re aware of optimal image sizes, conventions for post content (like hashtag usage), and best post times.

2. Leverage Key Influencers

While promoting your own content is obviously a necessary component to increasing the reach of your franchise’s blogs, whitepapers, or case studies, you can also further exposure by tapping into audiences of industry influencers.

By simply reaching out to influential individuals via email or social media, you can amplify your franchise content. A single retweet can make a huge impact if it’s from the right person. There are many tools — such as BuzzSumo or GroupHigh — that you can use to identify figures with the most clout across industries.

Remember — influencers are most likely to share content from sources they have a more personal connection with, so take advantage of networking events and conferences.

3. Email Integration

This one may seem like a no-brainer, but you would be surprised how many franchises don’t promote their own content through email marketing.

You can easily set up an autoresponder that sends a weekly round-up of blog posts to those that opt in, integrate your blog posts into existing autoresponder series’, or add a blog spotlight to your monthly email strategy. You can even set up more sophisticated cross-channel marketing using your blogs, emails, and remarketing or Facebook advertising.

When you combine email marketing with your franchise blogs, you often get more quality leads, since the people on your contact lists have willingly opted in to your communications; thus, if they do choose to click through to your blogs, you know they are really interested in what you have to say.

Comprehensive Content Promotion for Your Franchise

Want help devising a content promotion strategy that will work for your franchise? FMG has experience in cross-channel content promotion to boost blog traffic and — more importantly — increase a franchise’s authority. Let our team of bloggers, social media specialists, email marketing experts, and content strategists take the helm.

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